CBD Tincture Review

I really like this CBD Tincture from BuyLegalMeds. I’d recommend trying out the lower dosage and seeing what works for you. It helps me with anxiety.

“Our highly medicated CBD Tincture (Peppermint Flavor) is a¬†full spectrum CBD oil with terpenes and fatty acids from the entire natural industrial hemp plant.

Each 1oz container contains up to 10k mg of CBD oil that is sublingual (drops under the tongue).

Hemp extract is an oil that is derived from the stalks and seeds of the industrial hemp plant. Hemp is rich in CBD, also known as Cannabidiol. CBD offers many health benefits without any serious side effects.

CBD produced from industrial hemp is protected by the 2014 Farm Bill that was signed by Congress and the President of The United States and is legal for us to ship worldwide.”

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